Headliners for 2017
This year we screen a whole bunch of brilliant movies across six days and twelves locations, and we've gone above and beyond to bring you truly immersive cinematic experiences. Our headliners put the fun (and fear) back into going to the movies as we invite you to pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and take a trip back in time for one genre-defining horror classic and three action-packed movies that set the tone for the many imitations that followed. So, join our team, Bruce Willis, Carrie, and a bunch of mean-as-hell teens for the Die Hard trilogy and Carrie at locations that will pull you into the world of film like never before.

Saturay 30th September, 8pm
Crestwood College (Cherbourg Campus)
Tuesday 26th - Thursday 27th September, 8pm
Various locations

Friday 29th September, 8pm
Swan Shopping Centre