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With one-off interactive cinematic experiences and classic films in our town centre, Eastleigh Film Festival puts the excitement back into the movies.

Monday 12th February, 7.30pm
Secret Location

Certificate: 15
Running time: 112 minutes
Director: Ridley Scott

Launching our first Pop-up Film Fest event was Ridley Scott's cult classic Blade Runner. Our Festival Director chose this flick for its awe-inspiring vision of the not-so-distant future which features Harrison Ford giving the best performance of his career.

In Blade Runner Ford plays Deckard, an employee of the L. A. Police Department who is charged with tracking down rogue replicants and 'retiring' them. Ridley Scott doesn't always get it right but with this masterpiece he did. It's rainy, dystopian and visually leaps and bounds ahead of its time. A sleeper hit, the film wasn't a Box Office success but has since become an important entry not only in the sci-fi genre but in cinema itself.

Blade Runner (1982)
Monday 12th February, 7.30pm


Did you know...?

Dustin Hoffman was Ridley Scott’s original choice for the lead role of Deckard but Ford prevailed.

Director Ridley Scott’s first cut of the movie was four hours long, later edited to be just 112 minutes in length.

The cult film has been the focus of four different documentaries, including one by legendary film critic Mark Kermode.

Blade Runner has been included in 15 best movies of all time lists, often ranking amongst the top ten.

Despite its legacy, the film wasn’t a commercial success upon release, much like its sequel Blade Runner 2049.

Rutger Hauer’s infamous Tears in Rain monologue was partly improvised, with the actor veering away from the script to deliver the renowned parting lines.